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DULUTH NEWS-TRIBUNE: Time to Put People Ahead of Corporate Profits

September 17th, 2011

By Bill Hardesty

Witness for Peace agrees with President Obama’s primary message in his congressional address: Getting people back to work must be one of the nation’s top priorities. However, we do not agree with Obama’s claim that passing new free-trade agreements will stimulate the economy and create jobs. We’ve had first-hand experiences and on-the-ground information that prove quite the opposite.

As Witness for Peace has documented, free-trade deals actually harm workers. New estimates indicate that the North American Free Trade Agreement has cost the U.S. about 700,000 jobs while putting 2 million Mexican farmers out of work. Congressional ratification of new agreements with Colombia, Panama or Korea would boost corporate profits but at the expense of working families at home and abroad.

People across this country need a way to get back to work. But let’s be honest; free trade is not a jobs program. It is time for legislators and lobbyists put people ahead of corporate profits.

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