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RALEIGH NEWS & OBSERVER: Obama was Right to Slow Immigrant Deportations

August 29th, 2011

Dear Editor,

Hurrah for the Obama administration stating that they would stop deportation proceedings against immigrants who pose no threat to national security or public safety! (Aug 19 News and Observer)

For too long innocent immigrants have been stopped for minor traffic offences and jailed here in Wake County, Mechlinburg and Alamance County and across the country under the Secure Communities act. Families have been torn apart and untold suffering has been inflicted on immigrants.

Now it is time to begin work on true immigration reform. Enough of scapegoating immigrants. Let us solve this problem once and for all. It is long past time to change our out of date immigration laws. We must provide a legal means for people to come to work through our ports of entry. There must be a way for people who have lived and worked here in the U.S. for years to gain citizenship. We must stop tearing families apart.


Gail S. Phares