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Sample Mexico Delegation Themes

Globalization and Challenges to Social Justice
Despite promises that corporate-led globalization and free trade agreements like NAFTA would alleviate poverty and support dignified and sustainable development, Mexico illustrates otherwise. Learn how Mexican small farmers, workers, indigenous people, and youth are impacted by free trade. Meet with Mexicans from all parts of civil society who are proactively organizing themselves and implementing resistance strategies to construct a more just future.

The Roots of Migration: Free Trade, Resistance, and the Construction of Alternatives    
With anti-immigrant laws proposed almost daily in the U.S., now it’s more important than ever to understand the roots of the boom in Mexican migration over the last 15 years. Learn about policies that drive people to increasingly dangerous border crossings in search of a way to sustain the families they've left behind. Travel to southern Mexico to see firsthand how U.S. policies have contributed to migration. Speak directly with migrants about why they left home. Learn from activists, farmers, and women about the effects of migration on daily life, and how people are creating alternatives in Mexico that allow men, women, and children to construct viable and healthy lives at home.

Social Conflict in Chiapas: Indigenous Culture, Repression, and Resistance 

Indigenous people in Chiapas have experienced repression and marginalization since the time of the Spanish conquest. Indigenous uprisings in the 1990s brought a new wave of militarization and violence to the state, this time with assistance from the U.S. military. While the conflicts and dynamics have changed over the years, the threats to economic livelihood, food sovereignty, and human rights continue. Grassroots-level strategies of resistance have developed alongside the realities of repression. Travel to Chiapas  to see how civil society, campesinos, and international observers are working to overcome the negative impacts of widespread marginalization.

Food, Farms, and the Roots of Migration
Oaxaca is a mostly agrarian state, and has a millennial-year history of cultivating foods native to Mesoamerica. Join a delegation to explore the rich culture of Oaxaca alongside other food justice, peace and sustainability advocates. Witness first-hand the impacts of U.S. trade policy through the voices of small farmers and indigenous villagers struggling for justice. Learn from the inspiring work of both urban and rural community leaders advocating for land defense and food sovereignty in the face of NAFTA and ongoing imposition of U.S. agri-business models. Stay with families whose communities have faced the pressure to migrate north in search of sustaining employment. Strategize alongside other delegates ways to promote food sovereignty and sustainable policies both in the U.S. and Mexico.

Understanding the Drug War Through the Impacts of the Mérida Initiative

The Mérida Initiative was defined as a “new security cooperation initiative” between Mexico and the United States to combat drug trafficking and organized crime. While the stated goals are to “produce a safer and more secure hemisphere and prevent the spread of illicit drugs and transnational threats,” the reality of the initiative for the Mexican people tells a different story. Delegates can learn about the War on Drugs’ devastating impacts through meetings with policy analysts, human rights defenders, lawyers, journalists, civil society organizations, as well as families who have lost loved ones in the violence. During the delegation, delegates will also have a chance to speak to U.S. Government representatives and learn how to advocate for policy change in the United States.

Other Delegation Themes

  • Globalization and Workers' Rights: Examining NAFTA and its Impacts on Mexican Labor

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