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NEWS 14 CAROLINA: Group makes pilgrimage for immigrant rights

April 22nd, 2011

By Julie Fertig

Dozens of people gathered at the state's capitol Friday to call for a comprehensive immigration reform. Demonstrators from across North Carolina participated in the 25th annual Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace.

The group marched for several hours from Saint Mary Mother of the Church in Garner to the capital to get their message out. It is part of the annual Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace, an event comprised of a series of marches, vigils and panel discussions taking place across the state this week.

The activists sought equality for all workers. The group called for a federal immigration system that is fair, workable, and beneficial to both U.S.-born workers and low-income immigrants.

"I want [my child] to grow up standing for justice,” said mother, Lori Fernal Khamala. “We know that there are changes that need to be made in our country including immigration reform and we need to stop some of these anti-immigrant, hateful, bills that are in our state legislature."

This is the 25th year Witness for Peace Southeast organized the Pilgrimage for Justice and Peace. Over 50 organizations and churches are involved statewide.

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