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Mid-Atlantic Retreat: Schedule of Events

Saturday April 2

11:00 a.m.  Registration/ Check-in/Lunch

Welcome/Housekeeping/Agenda review

Militarization in the Americas- a review of Witness for Peace campaigns. Possibilities include a report-back from the 2010 Honduras delegation, an informational session on the status of Plan Colombia, the Merida Initiative, and other U.S. military aid packages in Latin America, and an informational session on the roots of migration and the immigration enforcement apparatus.

Snack break

Keynote speaker Father Roy Bourgeois


Divide into geographic groups and brainstorm possibilities for action for the region for this year.

Sunday April 3


Reflection lead by Father Roy Bourgeois

Group discussions and commitments.

Commitment report-back

Wrap up reflection on commitment and social change.

Evaluations, thank yous, and good bye.

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