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Delegation Destinations

The capital of Honduras is a sprawling city with many hills, highways, and houses.  Tegucigalpa illustrates the socioeconomic divide within Honduras.  While filled with fast-food restaurants, fancy hotels, and high-end malls, it also contains the highest concentration of Honduras’ poor.  In many areas of Tegucigalpa, this contrast between rich and poor is very apparent. But despite its size and large population, Tegucigalpa still manages to express many cultural aspects of Honduran society through its museums, universities and overall artistic vibrancy.

Zacate Grande

Zacate Grande is a small fishing community in the Gulf of Fonseca, the southern part of Honduras.  It is part of a beautiful archipelago tucked in between lush forest, green mountains, and a clear blue ocean.  It is in part due to its beauty that Zacate Grande has been part of a long land dispute with a wealthy landowner who owns an extensive amount of property throughout Honduras.  Despite the heightened prosecution that the community has experienced since the coup, residents are welcoming, optimistic and eager to share stories about defending their community’s rights.  

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