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Sample Honduras Delegation Themes

Defending Human Rights in Honduras
Since the June 2009 coup d’etat, politically motivated assassinations have been on the rise.  Investigate how U.S. support for the Lobo government is exacerbating the human rights crisis.  Delegates meet with leaders of organizations that focus on human rights, women’s and GLBTQ rights, as well as with teacher’s unions, lawyers, business leaders and community activists. 

Delegates return to the United States with the skills and knowledge to expose how U.S. military aid is being put to work amidst the Honduran human rights crisis.

Effects of U.S. Policy in Central America: Nicaragua and Honduras

After Nicaraguans overthrew the brutal Somoza dictatorship in 1979, Washington did everything in its power to quell the revolution and preserve U.S. corporate interests.  Three decades later, the United States has done everything in its power to defend the Honduran post-coup government that is sympathetic to U.S. big business interests.

By visiting both Nicaragua and Honduras, delegates gain insight into two countries that have both been heavily affected by U.S. foreign policy.  Delegates delve into the history of Nicaragua and Honduras, as well as the effects that neoliberal economic policies and CAFTA are having on Central America.

In Nicaragua, delegates experience a homestay in a rural community, interacting with community leaders that experienced the Contra War and can speak to the effects U.S. supported neoliberal policies have had on their livelihoods.  In Honduras, delegates investigate the human rights crisis that has been escalating since the coup, and the ways in which U.S. support for the new Honduran government affects the safety of Honduran people.

Delegates return to the United States with the skills and knowledge to mobilize their communities in response to the pursuit of U.S. corporate interests in Central America.

Witness for Peace can also customize delegations for your group.  Please contact Ken Crowley at for more information.