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Ken Crowley, National Delegations Organizer

Prior to joining Witness for Peace in June 2004, Ken worked in the area of human rights in Houston, Texas. For six years Ken volunteered as a Parent Educator where he facilitated for abusive parents and abused children.  He also worked for seven years in the area of community social support in an inner-city Houston neighborhood.

Ken has been involved and active in the movement to close the SOA since the early nineties. In March of 2003 he completed a six-month sentence at the Beaumont Federal Prison Camp for protesting against the SOA at Fort Benning, Georgia. In 2006 Ken served another six-month sentence at Beaumont on charges of aiding and abetting those who crossed the line (the SOA-37) at Fort Benning in November 2005.

Prior to prison, Ken worked as the CFO of a small clinical laboratory and has held various other business positions.  His “long, slow” transformation included nine years working for a so-called conglomerate (AMF) and many years managing an indoor tennis club that he opened in Houston, Texas.

Ken graduated from Boston College in 1963. His son, Matt, lives and works in Austin, Texas.