The Witness for Peace Covenant

For 30 years, the Witness for Peace covenant has served as a guiding document to staff, delegates, activists and members as they carry out WFP’s work.

  • We commit ourselves to nonviolence in word and in deed as the essential operating principle of Witness for Peace;
  • We commit ourselves to honesty and openness in our relationships, seeking unity with one another;
  • We commit ourselves to a reflective approach as the foundation for this project;
  • We commit ourselves to be responsible and accountable in our actions to the community of which we are a part and to the principles of leadership which have been established;
  • We commit ourselves to maintaining the political independence of Witness for Peace;
  • We commit ourselves to act in solidarity and community with the Latin American and Caribbean people, respecting their lives, their culture, and their decisions. We will respect the suggestions of our hosts with regard to our presence and mobility in another land;
  • We commit ourselves to record our witness and, upon return, to share our experience with the North American people through the media, public education, and political action.