Witness for Peace Intern


Witness for Peace (WFP) is a grassroots, politically independent, non-profit, human rights and economic justice organization dedicated to the principals of non-violence. Our mission is to change United States foreign and economic policies which contribute to poverty and oppression in Latin America and the Caribbean, and to promote just alternatives.

Since 1983, WFP has maintained a full time presence throughout Latin America and the Caribbean Basin America: in Nicaragua, Mexico, and Colombia, establishing relationships with the popular, civil and religious sectors, hosting delegations, and documenting the effects of US foreign, military and economic policies. In the United States, WFP circulates the results of this documentation among its network of tens of thousands of grassroots activists in the form of books, reports, flyers, newsletters and action alerts. Witness for Peace mounts nationwide grassroots action and education campaigns, using its network to work to change US policy.

Internships are unpaid. Candidates will be involved in many aspects of WFP’s operations, such as tracking legislation, writing analyses for action alerts and newsletters, communicating with representatives of collegial organizations and Congressional offices, and representing WFP in coalition meetings. The time commitment ranges between 20 to 30 hours weekly.

Areas of internship specialization:

  • Grassroots organizing (some from DC office)

  • Delegation planning and support (mostly from Chicago office, some from DC)

  • Development, fundraising, office management, and grant-writing (DC office)

How to apply:
Interested candidates may call 202.547.6112 (DC) or 202.423.3402 (IL). A resume, cover letter, and a short writing sample should be sent by postal mail or e-mail to the address below. Be sure to clearly indicate which internship is being applied for. We are still accepting applications for Spring and Summer 2017, and subsequent internships. Thanks!

Witness for Peace
Internship Program
1115 Massachusetts Ave. NW
Washington, DC 20005
walker@witnessforpeace.org (subject line should indicate semester)

Witness for Peace
Internship Program
4750 N. Sheridan, #471
Chicago, IL 60640
ken@witnessforpeace.org (subject line should indicate semester)

Witness for Peace is an equal opportunity employer. Women, individuals of color, and LGBTQI individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.