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Take Action to Protect Honduran Workers

In April, Delta Apparel - a US-based company - fired 40 workers with crippling musculoskeletal injuries from their factory in Honduras....
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WFP Urgent Action in Buenaventura, Colombia / Acción Urgente en Buenaventura, Colombia

WFP Urgent Action and Condemnation of Violent State Response to General Strike in Buenaventura, Colombia Police Repression of Civic Strike...
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Return the Illegally Occupied Guantanamo Naval Base to the Cuban People!

Our WFP Cuba Team just returned from the Fifth International Seminary for Peace and for the Abolition of Foreign Military Bases. Our...
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Honduras Partner Profiles: Dina Meza

Honduras Partner Profiles: Dina Meza This post represents what we hope will be a new and regular feature from the Honduras IT for the WfP blog. As you surely know, there is a general scarcity of English-language press on Honduras. What little there is generally covers...

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