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Supporting Peace, Justice, and Sustainable Economies in the Americas

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Justice for Berta Cáceres/¡Justicia para Berta Cáceres!

Join our week of action calling on congresspeople, faith organizations, labor organizations, and communities across the U.S. and Latin...
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Open Letter on Honduran Election Results

December 18, 2017 An Open Letter to the US Congress and US State Department: As a US-based human rights, grassroots organizing, solidarity, and civil society organization, we are outraged that presidential candidate Juan Orlando Hernández was declared the winner in...

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Leaders of Buenaventura Civic Strike Threatened

International news about Colombia depicts a similar narrative: a picture of a Colombia that, after more than 50 years of civil war, has become the model of peace, making it a safe place for tourists to visit and for international businesses to investment. They cite...

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