Cuba Embargo and Policies

For over five decades, the U.S. government has upheld a failed and inhumane policy toward Cuba. WFP’s partnerships with the Cuban people have taught us that the U.S. embargo and travel ban toward Cuba is:

  • An Unnecessary Policy. The Cold War is over and Cuba is not a threat to the international community. The embargo against Cuba only hurts people in Cuba and the U.S.
  • A Hypocritical Policy. We have opened or expanded economic 
relations with states that are much more hostile toward the U.S., and/or more aggressive to their own citizens than is Cuba. Why continue to isolate Cuba?
  • An Unpopular Policy. Public opinion polls indicate that the overwhelming majority of Americans disagree with the embargo and the United Nations has consistently condemned the U.S. embargo.
  • An Immoral Policy. The embargo causes innocent people to suffer in both countries. In Cuba, millions of people are denied access to food and medicine – and, U.S. citizens are denied access to cutting-edge medicines produced in Cuba.  The embargo is considered immoral and unethical by most countries, religious leaders, and people of conscience around the world.
  • An Unfair Policy. The embargo penalizes U.S. family farmers unable to trade with Cuba while giant corporate farmers can. U.S. farmers are not allowed to engage in fair trade to meet Cuba’s agricultural needs.
  • An Unconstitutional Policy. The embargo prohibits U.S. citizens the legal right to travel to Cuba – a ban most scholars consider unconstitutional.

Latest Updates on Cuba Embargo & Policies

What Cuba taught me

Amy Truax, Northwest Field Organizer at Witness for PeaceIn 2006, the World Wildlife Fund designated Cuba as the "only sustainable country in the world," noting that if everyone on Earth lived as Cubans did, we would only need one planet to sustain us--as opposed to...

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Lo que Cuba me enseñó

Amy Truax, organizadora de la region noroeste de Acción Permanente por la PazEn 2006, el Fondo Mundial para la Naturaleza designó a Cuba como el "único país sostenible del planeta", señalando que si todo el mundo en la Tierra vivía como l@s cuban@s, sólo...

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Cuba in the limelight

by Diego Benitez, WFP International TeamIn April of 2012, in Cartagena, Colombia the U.S. secret service got itself embroiled in a prostitution scandal where members of this elite presidential guard were discovered to have misbehaved with...

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The Cuba Rambler

by Diego BenitezI have spent a lot of time in Cuba the past five months now and I’m not sure where to begin this first blog. Maybe I’ll start by rambling about my experiences through my research and work with our licensed delegations and hope to grab on to something...

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